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Handa, M.R.1927A contribution to our knowledge of the green algae of RangoonShow Detail
Handa, M.R.1927aSome peculiar features of the sub-aerial Zygnemales of RangoonShow Detail
Handa, M.R.1927bA note on two species of Chaetophora from RangoonShow Detail
Handa, M.R.1928A short account of the filamentous green algae from various places in BurmaShow Detail
Pal, B.P.1932Burmese Charophyta.Show Detail
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Zeller, G.1873aAlgae collected by Mr. S. Kurz in Arracan and British Burma, determined and systematically arranged by Dr. G. ZellerShow Detail
Biswas, K.1949Records of the Botanical Survey of India. Volume 15. Common fresh and brackish water algal flora of India and Burma. Part 1.Show Detail