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Dr J W G Lund
 Dr J.W.G. Lund

John Lund is the author of over 100 scientific papers on phycological (algological) subjects concerned especially with seasonal cycles, eutrophication, long term changes, culture studies (notably bioassay), whole or part lake experiments and taxonomy of algae. He also wrote on more general limnological matters in relation to the International Biological Programme and environmental problems such as water supply, eutrophication and conservation of waters.

John Walter Guerrier Lund, CBE, DSc, FRS, FIBiol, FCIWEM, was born in 1912 and is a graduate of the University of Manchester, where he gained his BSc and MSc. Moving to London in 1935, he was awarded a PhD in 1939, and a DSc in 1951 by the University of London. Following a period as Lecturer at the University of Sheffield, he joined the West Midlands Forensic Science Laboratory in Birmingham as Staff Biologist. In 1944 he joined the Freshwater Biological Association (FBA) as Scientific Officer for algology. He retired in 1978 when he was the Deputy Chief Scientific Officer and was then appointed Honorary Advisor to the FBA, of which he is a Vice-President. In 1991 he was elected Honorary Fellow of the organisation, and he continued his work at the laboratory until 2005.

John Lund's PhD supervisor at the University of London was Professor F.E. Fritsch, who had been a driving force in the formation of the FBA. Following Fritsch's death in 1954, the Fritsch Collection of Illustrations of Freshwater Algae came to the FBA in Windermere, and John Lund became Curator of the Collection.

In 1958 he was President of the British Phycological Society, and in 1967 was President of the International Phycological Society. He has been advisor to many governmental, inter-governmental, scientific, administrative, and commercial bodies in the UK and abroad in relation to limnological, ecological, environmental and taxonomic matters. Countries visited by invitation include USA, USSR, Australia, India, Norway, Hungary, Spain, Italy, and Brazil.

1987 saw the publication of the English version of 'The Freshwater Algae of the Ukrainian SSR' Vol. 5 by O.A. Korshikov, a text written in Ukrainian which was translated by John Lund and the late W. Tylka. In 1997 John Lund and his wife Hilda Canter-Lund received, from the American Phycological Society, the Prescott Award for their book 'Freshwater Algae: their microscopic world explored', which was published in 1995.